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  • Founded date 2016
  • Investment year 2020
  • Transaction value 4.4M
  • Shares held 8,98%

sundose ° is the first smart ° supplement with the possibility of further personalization of the composition and free, constant support of a dietitian to help the client achieve the best results. The offer includes 10 goal-based formulas and a fully personalized personalized formula.

sundose ° offers a fully personalized dietary supplement: it is a complete set of vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics, plant extracts and adaptogens in one convenient sachet. Personalizing the composition is extremely simple and intuitive – the Company enables it from the very first package, through the use of “Pass & Personalize” in the mobile application.


Kamienie milowe

  • 2017

    Michał Gołkiewicz and Tomasz Styk start to develop an idea for a business model based on a customized dietary supplement. The product is created with a new approach to supplementation in mind, along with the desire to make a product that will adapt to the individual needs of each client.

  • 2018

    Product concept is being developed and tested. Sundose reaches its first users and the product is being tested and improved.

  • 2019

    First investment round with institutional investors. KnowledgeHub Starter, among others, decides to invest in the company. In 2019, product sales expand. Sundose also introduces an innovative pricing model - Pay Per Use - allowing flexible price adjustments based on the composition of the supplement, as chosen by the customer.

  • 2020

    Another investment round, which brings in additional funding for the company’s development. Investors include, Australian fund, Investible, and Polipo.

  • 2021

    finalization of Round A, which also allows new funds to join the group of investors, including: Atmos Venture, DX Ventures, Aria, and Investible Club. New company shares are also acquired by existing partners - incl.



To start the first personalization, just touch the smartphone to the sundose ° package. The company uses an intelligent health interview, blood test results and all other relevant information about the client’s health, along with a free consultation with a clinical nutritionist to select the best composition.

The supplements offered by Sundose are tailored to the health and lifestyle of each customer, allowing you to get more out of life.

“Sundose is another non-software project that we have invested in. We were convinced by the knowledge and experience of the leaders, and the company’s results only confirmed our belief that we had made the right decision”

Jakub Sitarz CEO

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