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Portfolio Kategoria: Virtual production


  • Founded date 2020
  • Investment year 2021
  • Transaction value 1M
  • Shares held 6.54%

PixelRace develops software that supports the Real-time Virtual Film Production technology used in the production of feature films, commercials, music videos and television shows.

The company also has a virtual prop room, which is a library of high-quality photorealistic 3D scans, dedicated to this type of film production and the production of computer games. Real-time virtual production consists of realistic computer-generated 3D locations and interiors in real time with fully synchronized physical scenery.



  • 2020

    PixelRace is founded.

  • 2021 - January

    First scanned props are created for the virtual props room.

  • 2021 - November

    PLN 500000 is invested by VTI for the development of the virtual prop room. The first Polish feature film is being made in Virtual Production technology with the use of elements from PixelRace software. The software used for vehicle scans is presented and workshops are held for the film crew.

  • 2021 - December

    The first virtual advertising production of a Driving Stage is created based on software developed by Pixel Race.


Where the real world meets the digital one

PixelRace’s solution allows the time needed for shooting to be shortened, decreasing the number of crew members needed on set and also significantly reducing the need to transfer the film crew during the day of shooting, thus lowering production costs.

“Our mission is to better implement the ideas of Arthur C. Clarke, author of A Space Odyssey: ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Maciej Żemojcin CEO PixelRace

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