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Portfolio Kategoria: BioTech


  • Founded date 2014
  • Investment year 2018
  • Transaction value 3.2M
  • Shares held 37.28%

Intelliseq is a bioinformatics company whose mission is to support genetic diagnostics by providing algorithms and software for running fast and effective DNA analyses. 

The company’s latest piece of technology – the IntelliseqFlow platform – uses AI and its own computational models for the comprehensive analysis of genetic data and the preparation of detailed clinical reports. The platform enables both larger and smaller laboratories to enter the genetic testing market and quickly scale their sales. IntelliseqFlow fully automates the analysis of raw genetic data, which includes the areas of: genetic diseases, cancer, pharmacogenomics, consumer genetics, and transcriptomics.



  • 2016

    Implementation of the R&D project entitled “GeneTraps - genome sequencing results analysis system dedicated to precision medicine”. Completion of the US-Polish Trade Council acceleration program, along with participation in business meetings in Silicon Valley in order to develop a strategy for introducing innovative human genome analysis services to the US market

  • 2017

    Sales of the MyTrait Sports mobile application launched on the American Helix consumer genetics platform.

  • 2018

    Implementation of R&D project entitled "Development of an innovative technology for the production of mobile applications for consumer genetics - MOBIGEN".

  • 2019

    Implementation of R&D project entitled “Development of a pharmacological genome interpretation system - PGx”. First integration of the IntelliseqFlow platform with the LIMS system from International company, SCC. Completion of the MIT Enterprise Forum Central Eastern Europe acceleration program along with participation in a bootcamp in Boston in order to establish business relations with local companies and investors from the biotech / life sciences industry.

  • 2020

    Winner of the Go2Brand competition - providing Intelliseq with funding for the promotion of their genetic informatics products on the American market.
    Pilot implementation of the IntelliseqFlow genetic analysis platform as part of the implementation of research services for research units and pharmaceutical companies.IntelliseqFlow - implementation of analytical paths for polygenic risks and for the pharmacogenomics sector (Polygenic risk scores and PGx). Implementation of the ISO 13485 Quality Management System for Medical Devices.

  • 2021

    First market implementation of the IntelliseqFlow platform in a large diagnostic laboratory in the Asian market. Launch of the IntelliseqFlow platform in the Software as a Service model. Implementation of analytical paths for an American company offering a genetic test to assess the predisposition of dyslexia in children.


Intelliseq is currently implementing its system for clients in Asia (Indochina and Singapore).

They have established relationships with distributors in the USA (ixLayer) and Asia (T-Systems, SCC SoftComputer). The founders are scientists (molecular biology, genetics, bioinformatics) who have also been active in the business world for many years, and have authored publications in Nature, Stroke, and Genome Biology. The company has worked with Helix, Boehringer Ingelheim, and Cognitive Genetics, among others.

"Success is about people. Professionally speaking, it is found in the team that actually enjoys its work; it is also about satisfied business partners who keep coming back to work with you again. In the individual sense, it is the discovery of your potential and seeing and feeling it in action."

Klaudia Szklarczyk-Smolana CEO Intelliseq

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