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Data publikacji: 16.05.2022

7/2022 (ESPI) – Acquisition of shares in AgronetPro sp.z o.o.

The Management Board of Venture INC ASI SA (hereinafter: the Issuer) informs that today the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of AgronetPro sp. z o.o. with its seat in Dęblin (hereinafter: the Company) was held, at which the share capital increase was resolved. Pursuant to the resolution, the capital is increased from PLN 15,000.00 (fifteen thousand zlotys) to PLN 21,700.00 (twenty one thousand seven hundred zlotys), i.e. by the amount of PLN 6,700.00 (six thousand seven hundred zlotys), by creating 134 ( one hundred and thirty-four) new shares with a nominal value of PLN 50.00 (fifty zlotys) each.

The Issuer will take up 31 shares with a value of PLN 50.00 each and with a total nominal value of PLN 1,550.00 and will cover them in full with a cash contribution of PLN 600,000.00. At the same time, if the Issuer achieves the KPI specified in the investment agreement, an Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders will be held, at which a resolution will be adopted on the creation of 28 shares, 28 of which will be acquired by the Issuer for PLN 550,000.00. If the Issuer takes up the newly-created shares, the Issuer will have a total of 59 shares representing 12.77% of the Company’s capital. After the registration of the increase, the Issuer will hold 7.14% of votes at the Company’s Shareholders’ Meeting.

AgronetPRO is an agrotechnology company that helps farmers prevent frost, infection and field monitoring, focused on measuring sensor data in real time to inform farmers immediately about the risks. Clients receive alerts whenever there are frosts, droughts, or when the warehouse needs attention, so that they can respond swiftly and appropriately and protect their crops.

Art. 17 sec. 1 of MAR – confidential information.

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