When making investment decisions, the adverse effects on sustainable development factors are not considered.

The investments made by ASI S.A. (the “Company”) do not adhere to EU criteria concerning environmentally sustainable business activities.

The Company primarily invests in early-stage entities operating in the information technology sector, which typically do not involve conventional production, processing, or other processes with a significant impact on the climate or the environment. However, the project teams working on the development of projects implemented by portfolio companies are relatively small at this developmental stage. Consequently, it is practically infeasible to implement diversity criteria or extensive policies related to employment, compensation, and bonuses for employees. Due to these limitations, the failure to assess the impact of investments on sustainable development factors by the Company does not inherently pose a significant risk of adverse effects in this regard. Consequently, the introduction of additional assessment tools would be unjustified from an economic perspective, considering the efficient utilization of entrusted funds.

However, considering the evolution of individual markets, the expectations of their participants, and the scale of operations of the companies in which investments are made, the Company does not rule out the possibility of introducing an assessment of the effects of investments on sustainable development factors in the future. Currently, the Company cannot determine when or to what extent such a change might occur.

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