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Portfolio Kategoria: Agrotechnology


  • Founded date 2016
  • Investment year 2022
  • Transaction value 0.6M
  • Shares held 7.14%

AgronetPRO is a company operating at the intersection of agriculture and technology that helps farmers to prevent frosts, infection and monitor the condition of their fields. They focus on getting real data from our sensors.

Their customers receive notifications whenever there are frosts, droughts or when the warehouse needs attention, so that they can respond efficiently and appropriately and protect their crops. Temperature monitoring is carried out using sensors placed precisely in the place prone to frost. As soon as the temperature approaches dangerous ranges, our system will send a notification. The sensors are perfect not only in the fields, but also in warehouses, where they monitor the state of ethylene, O2 and CO2. As soon as the levels are no longer correct, Agronet’s app sends alerts and allows farmers to react quickly in order to protect the produce.


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