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Program schedule.

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Week 1-3 SET UP

Program orientation, US set-up, and foundational learning sessions: The NYC Tech Ecosystem, US Incorporation, Sales Cycle Optimization, US Fundraising, Immigration, Tax & Accounting, Pitch-Coaching, US Business Culture & Networking, etc.

Week 4-7 BUILD

Adapting your story, go-to- market strategy, and assets to the US market and target customer: Investor Prospecting, Outbound Sales, Account-Based Selling, Financial Planning, Pricing Strategies, Growing your Revenue, Content Marketing, PR, Social Selling, Customer Success, etc.

Week 8-10 EXECUTE

Emphasis on warm introductions to potential clients, partners and investors: RevOps, Channel Partnerships, Scaling Your US Team, Creating the Right Talent Magnet, Employment Law & Best Practices, Unit Economics, Executive Leadership, etc.

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