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Where the real world meets the digital one: we invest in PixelRace

PixelRace is a Polish studio that produces software in Virtual Production technology, which is used in the production of films, commercials, music videos and in television series. As part of our investment, we’ve acquired shares representing 6.54% of the company’s capital.

The founders of PixelRace are experienced professionals in film production, scanning, and creating virtual studios: Maciej Żemojcin, Maksim Orlov and Krzysztof Kieszkowski. The company’s interdisciplinary team of artists and technology specialists develops software that supports real time virtual production technology, which is used in the production of feature films and commercials, as well as in music videos and series. This solution consists of computer generated realistic 3D locations and interiors in real time that allows full synchronization with traditional scenography. The acting scenes are made using so-called virtual locations, with techniques seen in photo-realistic computer games. This all requires utilizing the Unreal Engine, which is well-known and proven technology within the gaming industry. Using such advanced technologies make work on the set much easier: they shorten the length of shooting time, reduce the number of employees and ultimately lowers production costs.

PixelRace provides users with a virtual prop room, which is a library of high-quality photorealistic 3D scans, specifically intended for this type of film production and computer games. The funds that we invested will be allocated to the further development of the virtual prop room.

Where film meets technology 

PixelRace was established in 2020 and has already had many successes. Recently, it was the first company in Poland to use real time virtual production technology in cinema production. PixelRace was even used in the first feature film made in Poland using Virtual Production technology.

Wróć do publikacji

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