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We also invest in RaaS: Wrocław-based Poley.me joins our fund as a new investment

We have invested PLN 0.4 million in Poley.me’s “future bar”, amounting to 14.7% in shares. These funds will be allocated to the development of an automated machine along with an application to support bartenders. 

Investing in Poley.me allowed us to expand our investment categories to include the RaaS model (Robot as a Service), which is quickly moving towards becoming the next big trend in service automation. This innovative solution on Wrocław’s startup scene uses artificial intelligence to offer customers personalized drinks, each one tailored to their broad expectations. The intelligent machine relieves bartenders of repetitive activities, guaranteeing the preparation of up to 120 cocktails per hour. The automation of services like this will help decrease the turnover of companies, while simultaneously multiplying the throughput of bars and eliminating long queues.

The “bar of the future” will mainly be used in clubs, discos and stadiums during large mass events. It aims to help unload queues by serving a single customer in less than a minute. The machines are intended to support and assist bartenders, in order to fully maximize the sales potential of alcoholic beverages for any given locale. Of course, this idea from Polish minds doesn’t just revolve around a robot; it is also accompanied by an application that allows you to settle payments – either directly within the application or with the robot itself. And as an innovative solution, it also tends to draw crowds and  gather communities around the places that use it.

International ambitions 

Poley.me’s plans include global expansion – first, locally, starting from Wrocław and Warsaw, and then abroad, in the largest European cities. The machine is able to accept orders and payment and then issue drinks and receipts. As an investor, we see the global potential of Poley.me, especially with to its unique, AI-based functions. For example: In addition to combining flavors based on the preferences and expectations of each customer, the machine can also assess whether a customer is an adult or a minor.

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