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Stories told with images and driven by technology – Maciej Żemojcin from PixelRace in an interview with Business Insider

Maciej Żemojcin from PixelRace talks about how the art of producing complex video effects is no longer solely the domain of large film studios, and that the ability to create these illusions is not just reserved for magicians anymore. PixelRace a company in which we have been investing since November of this year.

–  Not everyone realizes this, but producing a 30-second film can take from a month to even 4-5 months of hard work. However, the latest hardware solutions are quickly changing the speed and efficacy of this process. PixelRace uses a computer with two GeForce RTX 3090 graphics cards, a powerful tool that allows you to render an image in real time, so that the final effect of an image can immediately be seen in the camera. This makes everything a lot more convenient for the director, actors and entire technical team. It’s like being able to run a computer game in which real actors can play. This is a very powerful alternative to a long and costly process (one that is often burdened with a high risk of error), using the green screen technique and offline rendering, i.e., after taking the photos. This is the magic of real-time rendering. Everything happens right before our eyes, here and now – explains Maciej Żemojcin, CEO at PixelRace, for Business Insider.

The entire interview is available on Business Insider. 

Solutions made in Poland

Warsaw’s PixelRace was established in 2020. For the first time in Poland, the company used real time virtual production techniques, making it possible to computer generate realistic locations and interiors in real time while also synchronizing with traditional scenery. This solution is used in the production of feature films and commercials, as well as in music videos and series. 

Wróć do publikacji

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