Periodic Reports

Data publikacji: 30.04.2019

Annual financial report

Selected financial data2018 in PLN2017 in PLN2018 in EUR2017 in EUR
I. Revenues from core operations246242473669625770991735567
II. Profit / loss on core operations-15711751927838-368224454175
III. Profit / loss before tax-12013441873079-281550441275
IV. Net profit / loss2772714515556498341969
V. Total comprehensive income2772714515556498341969
VI. Net cash flow from operations operational-734755-1268552-172199-298855
VII. Net cash flow from operations investment-2083046-2221216-488187-523292
VIII. Net cash flow from operations financial11742430014899275207071147
IX. Net cash flow total.-270037826525131-6328666249000
X. Assets total52246357536283911215031612857750
XI. Long-term liabilities9074282332501211030559232
XII. Short-term liabilities1846001692884293040588
XIII. Equity capital51154329511266021189635612257930
XIV. Share Capital2984000298400029840002984000
XV. Number of Shares(in pcs..)29840000298400002984000029840000
XVI. Profit/Loss per ordinary share(in PLN/EUR)0,000,080,000,01
XVII. Diluted profit / loss per share ordinary (in PLN / EUR)0,000,080,000,01
XVIII. Book value per one share (in PLN / EUR)1,711,710,400,40

Annual financial report – 2018

The report of the independent auditor

Acitivity report of VTI Management Board 

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