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Data publikacji: 05.03.2020

4/2020 (ESPI) – Acquisition of shares in Sundose sp.z o.o.

Legal basis: Article 17 para. 1 MAR – confidential information.

Report content: Management Board of Venture Inc S.A. (“The Issuer”) informs that on March 5, 2020 an Extraordinary Meeting of Partners of the company Sundose limited liability company with its seat in Lublin (“Company”, “Sundose”) was held, at which a resolution was adopted to increase the Company’s share capital from the amount of 217,750 , PLN 00, up to PLN 267,000.00, i.e. by PLN 49,250.00, by creating 985 new shares with a nominal value of PLN 50 each, i.e. with a total nominal value of PLN 49,250.00. As a result of the increase, the Issuer acquired 360 shares with a total nominal value of PLN 18,000.00. After registration of the increase in capital, the Issuer will hold a total of 360 shares of Sundose sp.z o.o.

Sundose offers a dietary supplement, which is the only one selected individually based on prior completion of a survey on eating habits and lifestyle as well as an interview with a dietitian.

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