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Data publikacji: 15.07.2020

16/2020 (ESP) – Investment in the Infermedica Portfolio Company and sale of part of the owned package

The Management Board of Venture Inc SA (Issuer, Venture Inc) informs that today it received information from the portfolio company Infermedica Inc. based in Delaware, USA (Company) on signing the investment documentation, as a result of which the Company, after fulfillment of certain conditions, will receive financing in the amount of up to USD 10.25 million from current and external investors.

Before signing the investment documentation, the Issuer held 14% of shares in the Company, through 1 433 300 shares. After the capital increase in the Company, and on the assumption all shares will be taken up, the Issuer’s shares will constitute 8.94% of the Company’s share capital.

At the same time, the Issuer informs that today Venture Inc sold 125 000 shares of the Company for the amount of USD 249 000 to an external investor.

Following the transaction, the Issuer holds 1,308,300 shares, which will constitute 8.16% of the Company’s share capital after completion of the investment and taking up shares.

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