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Data publikacji: 01.07.2020

15/2020 (ESPI) – Adoption of a dividend in the Issuer’s portfolio company

The Management Board of Venture Inc SA (hereinafter the Issuer, the Fund) informs that on June 30, 2020 the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) of the portfolio company TimeCamp SA (Company) was held, at which the total dividend amount was PLN 695,640. The Issuer will receive PLN 261,051 from the dividend amount adopted.

Although the amount of dividend adopted by the Company is immaterial as a percentage of the Issuer’s assets, for the Company it is a significant milestone in its development, and thus it becomes strategically important information from the point of view of the long-term increase in the value of the Fund’s portfolio.

At the same time, the Issuer informs that in the previous months it has made several purchase transactions of the Company’s shares of immaterial unit value, which together guaranteed an increase of the Company’s shareholding by 9%. As a result of the above-mentioned transactions, the Issuer’s share in the Company’s capital increased to 37.53%, which entitles to 37.53% of the total number of votes at the Company’s General Meeting of Shareholders.

Legal basis
Article 17 para. 1 MAR – confidential information.

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