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Data publikacji: 01.07.2020

14/2020 (ESPI) – Opening of the liquidation of a portfolio company

Management Board of Venture Inc S.A. (Issuer) informs that on 30.06.2020 the Annual General Meeting of Patent Fund SA, i.e. the Issuer’s portfolio company (Patent Fund), in which the Issuer holds 9,153,585 shares in the share capital, which accounts for 83.21% of the share capital and 83.21% of votes at the General Meeting, acting pursuant to art. 459 point 2 and art. 463 §1 of the Code of Commercial Companies adopted resolutions to dissolve the Patent Fund and open its liquidation, and to appoint a liquidator in the person of Joanna Sitarz.

Article 17 para. 1 MAR – confidential information

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