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Data publikacji: 17.06.2020

11/2010 (ESPI) – Acquisition of shares in Grenade Hub sp.z o.o

The Management Board of Venture Inc SA (Issuer) informs that on June 17, 2020 was held an Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of Grenade Hub sp.z o.o. with its registered office in Wrocław (Company). The Shareholder’s Meeting adopted a resolution on increase the Company’s share capital from PLN 33,700 to PLN 41,500, i.e. by PLN 7,800 by creating 133 new shares with a nominal value of PLN 50.00 each.

As a result, the Issuer acquired 46 shares in the Company with a total nominal value of PLN 2,433 for PLN 250,000. After registration of share capital increase, the Issuer will hold a total of 46 shares of the Company representing 5.54% in the Company’s capital, which will entitle to 5.54% in the total number of votes at the General Meeting of the Company.

At the same time, the Issuer, together with the other shareholders of the Company and the Company, if the Company reaches the KPI specified in the investment agreement, an Extraordinary Meeting of the Company will take place at which a resolution to issue 328 shares will be adopted, of which 82 shares will be taken up by the Issuer for PLN 500,000. If the Issuer takes up newly-created shares, the Issuer will jointly hold 128 shares constituting 11.05% of the Company’s capital.

The core business of Grenade Hub sp.z o.o. is a marketplace, whose goal is to find programmers from companies that have such programmers. The company has created a business management system that includes, among others: navigation between projects, monitoring of working time and creating reports, cost estimations.

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