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Providing capital support for the NeuroCare group.

We have just invested in German HealthTech, NeuroCare, which is behind the DTP (Digital Therapy Platform) platform, integrating advanced processes and technologies that support the treatment of patients suffering from mental diseases. The company has a network of its own clinics, including those located in Germany, the United States, and the Netherlands. It is currently valued at nearly USD 100 million. 

The proprietary e-platform for the NeuroCare group – the Digital Therapy Platform – integrates advanced processes and technologies, including solutions for the treatment of patients using, inter alia, artificial intelligence, brain mapping and sleep analysis. Modern methods help doctors make the right diagnostic decisions and, ultimately, to develop comprehensive and personalized therapy plans. This makes it possible to alleviate the course of mental illnesses and improve the mental performance of patients. The company supports clinical practices in many countries, and integrates AI solutions with the accurate identification of the causes of patients’ diseases, using neuroscience and the latest achievements of psychedelic therapy.

Over 800 million people suffer from mental disorders around the world, 60% of whom remain undiagnosed or deprived of specialized care. Only 10% undergo any treatment. Experts are alarmed by the fact that traditional therapies are often ineffective and unavailable for many patients. The NeuroCare solution is a response to the problems faced by clinical practices in the field of psychiatry today. The creators of these innovative solutions point out that typical solutions to these problems often do not take into account the exact cause of the disease; fail to integrate progress made in the field of neuroscience and new technologies; and, finally – does not offer personalized therapies tailored to the individual needs of patients. The Digital Therapy Platform is a response to the growing challenges in the field of psychiatry, further aggravated by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Approx. 2 thousand people use the services of the NeuroCare group annually. These solutions are used in dozens of internal clinics and by external operators around the world. The company is managed by world-class specialists in the field of mental health and neuromodulation. CEO and founder, Thomas Mechtersheimer, a member of the management board at Fresenius Vertical Integration, also works with German research institute, Fraunhofer Research. 

The activities of the NeuroCare group support the development of research on personalized medicine, neuromodulation and the broadly understood improvement of mental health.

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