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Poley.me – what are their plans?

In the previous post, we wrote about acquiring new shares in Poley.me and increasing our involvement in the Company as part of the second investment tranche.

Poley.me was established in 2019 by a group of engineer friends: Dawid Kościółek, Daniel Wieczorek, Michał Szarek, and Kamil Paśko. Within just months of coming up with this idea, they established a company and built a prototype of the machine, in which we saw great potential, leading us to invest a total of PLN 1 million in the project.

The machine was placed with its first customer – at Przybij Piątak, thus beginning its official sale of beverages. During the first seven days of the launch, it served over a thousand drinks.

You can read about Poley.me’s plans in My Company Polska.

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