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Poley.me as the “Start-up of the week” by Forbes and Spidersweb.

Poley.me was featured in Forbes’ “Start-up of the week” column along with Delivery Couple.

Poley.me produces an autonomous robot that can prepare up to 120 beers or drinks per hour. The company was established in 2019 by a group of engineer friends: Dawid Kościółek, Daniel Wieczorek, Michał Szarek and Kamil Paśko. Within a few months of coming up with the idea, they established a company and then built a prototype of the machine, in which we saw great potential, leading us to invest a total of PLN 1 million in the project.

The machine was installed at its first location – at Przybij Piątaka, thus beginning its official sale of beverages. Within the first seven days of the launch, it served over a thousand drinks.

You can read more about Poley.me in their interview with Spidersweb, conducted by Karol Kopańko.

Wróć do publikacji

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