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PixelRace becomes shareholder of ATM Virtual

Newly established virtual production studio – ATM Virtual – is a company belonging to ATM Grupa. Software developed by Wrocław-based PixelRace, which has been part of our portfolio since November of this year, will be greatly utilized in their projects.

ixelRace has acquired 40% of shares of ATM Virtual. Customers of the new company will receive a wide range of virtual scenography based on the Unreal Engine – previously used in the production of computer games. This solution will also make it possible to implement more low-budget projects. Thanks to the Driving Stage and Flying Stage technologies, cars, planes and yachts can be recorded on the move, while the photos are actually taken in the studio.

ATM Virtual is made up of experienced specialists from several countries, including Poland. The company’s tasks will include pre-production work, the preparation of photorealistic 3D locations, taking photos and post-production. The team is currently implementing new processes and technological solutions for studio work. The new solutions will significantly shorten the time it takes to implement this type of project.

The first productions of ATM Virtual started this month. We are happy to have PixelRace’s support in strengthening the activities of the new company and we continue to observe the pace at which the virtual production market is developing with great interest.

The backstage scenes of ATM Virtual’s work can be viewed here: PixelRace | Facebook 

Learn more about ATM Virtual in this article at: Wirtualne Media.

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