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Unfold.vc is a Wrocław-based venture capital fund focused on providing financial support for technological projects that have great potential for success, at various stages of development.



Infermedica produces an artificial intelligence-based platform supporting patients, doctors and medical organizations. The solution helps medical professionals make the right decisions about further treatment for their patients. It also improves the flow of patients and helps reduce the costs of medical services.

Infermedica cooperates with over 90 healthcare companies in over 30 countries, including: Microsoft, Allianz, Sana Kliniken, and PZU. So far, the tool has been used in over 10 million medical exams.

“We joined Infermedica in 2016. Since then, the company has been constantly surprising us. Despite temporary problems, the team did not give up and today Infermedica cooperates with companies from over 30 countries, it is constantly growing and enjoying the interest of foreign investors. “

Jakub Sitarz CEO Unfold.vc


Sundose produces a fully customized dietary supplement: this includes a complete set of vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics and adaptogens in one convenient sachet. 

In order to customize the ingredients, the company uses information from a smart health exam, blood test results, as well as other important sources of information about the customer’s health. Together with the results of a free consultation with a clinical dietitian, Sundose is able to come up with the best formula for each customer. The supplements offered by Sundose are tailored to each person’s health and lifestyle.

“Sundose is another non-software project that we have invested in. We were convinced by the knowledge and experience of the leaders, and the company’s results only confirmed our belief that we had made the right decision.”

Jakub Sitarz CEO Unfold.vc

Exit Plan Games

Exit Plan Games is a computer game development studio based in Warsaw. The founders of the company are developers José Teixeira and Damien Monnier. Between the two of them, they have many years of experience in creating popular games such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt by CD projekt RED and Dying Light 2 by Techland.

In March 2021, the company released their premiere title: Bang-On Balls: Chronicles – a three-dimensional arcade platform. The game has very good reviews, and the company’s team is constantly working on updates and development. It was very well received by the gaming community, earning over 97% positive feedback

“ExitPlan is a company that broadens our investment categories. So far, we have focused on IT projects operating in the SaaS model. Exit plan is a computer game studio – gamedev. Their Bang-On Balls: Chronicles game has received very positive feedback, and the team is constantly tweaking it. “

Jakub Sitarz CEO Unfold.vc


Brand24 offers comprehensive services in social listening and online media monitoring. The software allows users to analyze trends related to a given brand or individual keywords. This makes it possible for companies and users alike to plan effective marketing campaigns and measure their results online.

Moreover, the SaaS tool also makes it possible to generate analyses that present valuable data on the monitored brands. The tens of thousands of monitored brands include: IKEA, Intel, Carlsberg and LEROY MERLIN. Brand24 offers its software to users from all over the world.

“We believed in Brand24 a few years ago. Since then, the company has had its ups and downs, but defeating the difficulties proves the strength of the company, its team and leaders. “

Jakub Sitarz CEO Unfold.vc


The company is the creator of the Timecamp application for project and task management. The app allows users to monitor projects and the amount of time spent working, also providing project invoicing and summaries of time spent working.

TimeCamp enables the automatic registration of activity on a computer, saving users time as they work on apps and websites. TimeCamp allows companies to see whether employee computers are being used properly. This translates into a significant increase in work efficiency. The company sells their product to 100 countries.

The beginning was not easy, but today our tool is used by tens of thousands of customers from over 100 countries. We are recording a steady increase in revenues exceeding our forecasts. This shows that we know what we are doing.”

Kamil Rudnicki CEO TimeCamp

Pixel Perfect Dude

Pixel Perfect Dude is a development studio making games that are currently available on most platforms. The studio is developing its two flagship games: #DRIVE and Ski Jump. 

#DRIVE is a game from the ‘endless runner’ category. It has received many awards, including the title of Google Play Best Indie Game 2019 and MTA 2019 Best Polish Game. The game has been downloaded 11 million times. Ski Jump, or retro ski jumping, has been attracting fans of this sport for 7 years. Since its premiere, it has been downloaded over 4 million times. Pre-production work on a new title is currently underway.

“Pixel Perfect Dude is another company that has broadened our investment categories. So far we have focused on IT projects operating in the SaaS model. Pixel Perfect Dude creates games currently available on most platforms. Currently, the Company is working on a new title.”

Jakub Sitarz CEO Unfold.vc


Intelliseq specializes in computational genomics. Its core business is to support scientific research conducted across the entire genome and the process of genetic diagnostics. The company is made up of an interdisciplinary team of experts in genomics, molecular biology, bioinformatics and software development.

The team focuses on developing new bioinformatics algorithms and tools for the interpretation of human DNA sequences. Intelliseq has created a proprietary human genome reading analysis platform dedicated to various areas of genome-based medicine, including molecular diagnostics, personalization of treatment and consumer genetics.

“Ten years ago, the cost of reading the full human genome was around USD 8,000. Today it is at least eight times less. Bioinformatics solutions facilitating the data analysis process are in demand on the market, and companies from the genetics sector are among the fastest-growing, therefore they can bring above-average profits. “

Jakub Sitarz CEO Unfold.vc


Primetric is a SaaS tool used in the comprehensive management of service companies in the IT industry. The software makes it possible to plan, track and forecast the profitability of projects and organizations, as well as the availability of employees, taking into account absences, public holidays and work contracts.

This allows IT companies to quickly allocate a team between projects. Furthermore, the tool generates reports on the most important aspects of a company’s operations, and allows users to compare plans and expectations vs. reality, with the help of recorded employee working hours and project budgeting.

“This is a company that listens to the needs of its customers, constantly improving its tools and implementing new functionalities. The result of this? The company grew by nearly 200 percent in just one year. MRR. We are convinced by the speed and level of growth that was achieved, and believe in a vision for further product development.”

Jakub Sitarz CEO Unfold.vc


GIBLIB to firma z siedzibą w Kalifornii, nazywana „Netflixem” edukacji medycznej. Platforma udostepnia filmy instruktażowe z zabiegów i operacji dla lekarzy, studentów i specjalistów chcących podnieść swoje kwalifikacje. Spółka została wymieniona w zestawieniu TIME “The best inventions of 2021”.

Materiał chirurgiczny, wraz z kursami i wykładami na temat najnowszych badań, pochodzi z najlepszych instytucji medycznych, w tym Mayo Clinic, Stanford Medicine, Cedars Sinai, UCSF Health, Keck Medicine of USC i Cleveland Clinic i innych.

“GibLib is referred to as the Netflix of Medical Education. It is much more than that, however. We believe that this project will significantly contribute to improving the skills of doctors and specialists, and thus the quality of medical procedures performed and the enhanced well-being of patients around the world”

Jakub Sitarz CEO Unfold.vc


Poley.me is the bar of the future where bartenders will be able to whip up creative drinks, and an autonomous machine will relieve them of simple, repetitive tasks. Poley.me is able to prepare 120 cocktails per hour, thereby increasing the capacity of bars and eliminating queues.

Anyone who wants to buy a drink will be able to do so immediately and settle the payment via the app or at the machine. The innovation of the Polish autonomous bar is based on the RaaS (Robot as a service) business model and the comprehensive nature of the solution: the machine is able to accept orders and payment, and then issue drinks and receipts.

“Poley.me works well in crowded places such as clubs and discos or stadiums during mass events. The autonomous bar will serve guests in several dozen seconds, thus unloading the queues.”

Daniel Wieczorek Co-Founder Poley.me


Boostsite.com is an innovative platform for auditing websites in the area of effective SEO. According to BrightEdge data, as many as 68% of online experiences start with a search engine, and over 53% of all website traffic comes from organic search results (SEO).

The goal of BoostSite is to optimize organic search results and reduce the time it takes for SEO specialists to create analyses. BoostSite includes a comprehensive database of SEO aspects with instructions on how to improve them. With that, achieving higher positions in Google becomes much easier.

“With Boostsite, a junior SEO specialist is able to generate expert-level data, since the tool is a combination of 15 years of analytical and SEO experience; hence, achieving higher search engine positions with Boostsite becomes much easier.”

Marcin Gaworski Chief Product Officer Boostsite


PixelRace develops software that supports the Real-time Virtual Film Production technology used in the production of feature films, commercials, music videos and television shows.

The company also has a virtual prop room, which is a library of high-quality photorealistic 3D scans, dedicated to this type of film production and the production of computer games. Real-time virtual production consists of realistic computer-generated 3D locations and interiors in real time with fully synchronized physical scenery.

“Our mission is to better implement the ideas of Arthur C. Clarke, author of A Space Odyssey: ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.'”

‘Maciej Żemojcin CEO Pixel Race

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