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Higher quality SEO. Boostsite.com joins our portfolio

A Wrocław startup producing software that analyzes the SEO of websites wins the support of Venture INC. Our investment amounts to PLN 1 million, equivalent to 33% of shares.

The funds will be used to build scalable infrastructure that can handle virtually unlimited traffic and services of any size. They will also be used to strengthen the foreign expansion of Boostsite.com, especially into English-speaking markets, because that is where the demand for this type of service is the highest.

Boostsite.com has been working on an SEO tool for auditing websites since 2021. It is designed to increase visibility in organic search results and shorten the working time of SEO specialists devoted to running analyses by automating the processes affecting search engine rankings.

This effective solution from Poland makes it much easier to rank higher  in Google. Boostsite allows users to generate an SEO audit, which contains recommendations for the client and the IT teams involved. The tool is distinguished by its Boost Rank indicator, which evaluates the quality of on-site optimization, including: an analysis of internal duplication which assesses the degrees of similarity for subpages, as well as tools for log analysis, validation or creating a sitemap.

This Wrocław-based startup has International reach – it analyzes websites from all over the world, in any language. There are also plans to add more functionalities for SEO specialists and experts, such as: the automatic creation of titles or meta descriptions.

The key to success 

According to BrightEdge research, as much as 68% of your online experience starts with a search engine, and about 53% of all traffic to your website comes from organic search results. Interestingly, search engines generate much more direct traffic than social media platforms. 

In turn, according to the estimates of American research company BorrellAssociates, companies in the United States alone spend over USD 80 billion annually on SEO services. The industry is experiencing dynamic growth around the world. SEO has already become one of the most effective sales-generating activities for companies across the board.

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